Contemporary French Artists

Contemporary French Artists is the gathering of a few artists from Provence and Southern France, who like to share their choices and favourites. With time, new pages will come out to talk about exhibitions, art places and artists from France, and will enhance this new site. Enjoy your visit !

contemporary french artists : Doro.T - Oil Paintings

DORO.T :  Oil Paintings                                        

contemporary french artists : Hazlo, Fresco Painter

HAZLÓ :  Fresco Paintings                                  

contemporary french artists : Pascale CAMY sculptor

   Pascale CAMY :  Sculptures                                ↓

JF CHOLLEY - 19th Century Photographer

JF CHOLLEY :  Early Photographic Techniques 

Contemporary |kən’tɛmp(ə)r(ər)i| adj. : belonging to, or occurring in the present : the tension and complexities of our contemporary society, contemporary art, etc.
ORIGIN : mid 17th cent, from medieval Latin contemporarius: con (together with) + tempus, temporis (time).
SYNONYMS : of the time, of the day, contemporaneous, modern, present, current, present-time, up-to-date, fashionable; modish, latest, recent, with it, du jour.
ANTONYMS : old-fashioned, out of date.
Source : Oxford Dictionaries
Each and everyone is supposed to know what contemporary means, and which signification to emphasize : modern, or fashionable, or just present-time.
For us the contemporary artist never comes out of nowhere. He is the one who takes root in the Art tradition. From the beginning of the human adventure, up to its late developments. The one who tries as honestly as possible to transmute the common heritage into something of his own, something of the present. The one who makes it visible. A contemporary artwork is maybe only a shortcut then. A magic door which opens to the entirety of what human beings should be able to share.

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