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Contemporary French Artists also feels like touching on what is essential !

Pascale Camy is a French Artist who started sculpture with clay, and mostly stoneware. But Bronze Sculpture soon became part of her artistic work too.

She loves the very special presence of Bronze and the way it enhances the polished curves of her Sculptures. And she aims at keeping the highest standards with her work as a Sculptress.  Bringing the focus on the main lines, sidestepping the details, those are Pascale’s Mantras as an Artist. And for her, creativity must burst out of  this first principle, repeated over and over : “getting to the crux in a few lines”. 
Her inspiring influences are diverse but heavily rooted in Asian, and notably in the Japanese culture. And she deals with a wide range of subjects. Femininity, Roots, Masks, Wind, Meditation, Wisdom.

contemporary french artists : Bronze - Pascale CAMY

Contemporary French : Could you mention two artists, two leading figures in art history, whose influence on your work is major?

Pascale Camy :  Sure, and not only two! Jean Arp, Barbara Hepworth, Amedeo Modigliani, and so many more. But here I’m supposed to mention two great artists only ! My first thought is about the Sculptures of Constantin Brancusi then. They touch me so deeply ! He succeeded in expressing the essence of reality. In playing with abstraction, and being always on the look-out for purity of lines.
Contemporary French : Another one maybe?
Pascale Camy : My second favorite : Henry Moore. As a sculptor he always walks a very fine line between abstract and figurative art. He does play an essential role too in my artistic development. His monumental bronze women-like sculptures lying on the grass are really amazing. They look so human ! They seem to be of an organic nature. And what a strength exuding out from those Masterworks !  They remind me at those ancient Dolmens that were erected on magic places. Time keepers, and all that sort of things.  The witnesses of some hidden mysteries, of some forgotten memories.

contemporary french artists - Sculpture - Pascale Camy

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Pascale Camy : 32 rue de la Tartane / 34080 MONTPELLIER / France

mobile :  +33 612 064 799

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