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Contemporary French Artists loves painters who allow poetry to show threw in their artistic expression !

Doro.T has been teaching and practicing many painting techniques. Watercolor, Gouache, Pastel, Charcoal and so on. But Oil Painting still remains her favorite.

Poetry is what comes out at the first glance, when facing towards one of those abandoned little houses lost in the middle of a lavender field, under the sun of Provence. The emotion arises from those ancient memories, almost forgotten. It’s like a little voice talking about those who were living there, long ago. It’s quiet. And this kind of peacefulness is just perfect for the watcher to start dreaming, and meditating. Doro.T’s Painting is anything but aggressive ! It also deals with femininity (laces for instance, are often printed on the canvas and become part of the work ). Flowers too, can be some of her models. Heart of flowers, which can be so sensual ! Whatever the subject, Doro.T paints it with her own poetic sensitivity. A very personal “eye”. Like the one of a photographer. Photography, that is precisely another of her passions !

contemporary french artists - Doro.T - Old Window

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Doro.T : Rue du Four / 84220 GORDES (Provence) / France

mobile :  +33 688 640 326

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